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IFFC - Young Financial Crime 

Young Financial Crime (YFC) is the junior branch of the IFFC and is responsible for bringing together young professionals (up to 35 years old) working within the FEC domain. YFC aims to achieve more innovation, connection and awareness in the field of combating Financial Economic Crime among these young professionals.  The board of YFC is an enthusiastic group of young people who deal with FEC from various working areas (public and private). They organise at least four network meetings ('knowledge bites') annually and contribute to IFFC activities as well.


The mission of Young Financial Crime is: “gaining and combining more knowledge and experience in the field of Financial Economic Crime by connecting young professionals from different disciplines”.


Young Financial Crime has appointed the following pillar structure to organise the implementation of the mission:



Aimed at increasing knowledge about and awareness of (the combat against) Financial Economic Crime. The main aim within this pillar is to gather knowledge and to carry out and publish investigations on FEC. 


Aimed at the innovation of (the combat against) Financial Economic Crime. The monitoring and prediction of trends in the detection, prevention and recover of FEC are essential. 


Aimed at the gathering of knowledge, connections and experience within the domain of FEC control. The sharing of information and connections between the FEC-controllers and cooperation with organisations like the IFFC are essential. 
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Do you want to become a participant and join YFC? If you are younger than 35 years, you can become participant of the IFFC for only €100, - per year (regular annual fee: €250, -). Click here

YFC Board