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IFFC Activities

The IFFC wishes to connect parties, to facilitate and stimulate cooperation, to spot trends in an early stage, and to place issues on the agenda. This happens, for example, through working groups, projects and meetings.

The purpose of a working group is that professionals can meet on a regular basis to discuss the subject of the working group in question. Every participant of the IFFC is free to join a working group as long as he/she is substantive involved in the subject. Obviously, active participation in the working group is required after admission. The working group has a chairman and a secretary.

An IFFC project is a defined research/project where a predetermined group of professionals will be working on something innovative or will be researching a specific topic. Financial resources could be made available by the initiator(s) or the IFFC could apply for a subsidy. A project is managed by a Steering Committee that takes care of the progress and quality of the research.

Currently there are six active working groups and one project. Furthermore, the IFFC organises various meetings throughout the year, such as the Day of the Fraud Investigator, closed round table sessions, and public Fraud cafes.