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Cookie Statement

April 16, 2018

Which cookies are used on this website and for what purpose?

This cookie statement applies to the websites of the IFFC, namely:



A cookie is a small file containing information that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone during your visit on a website. During a subsequent visit this information can be recognized by the cookie and sometimes by another website. A cookie has a perishable date and after it has expired, it will automatically be deleted from your computer. Cookies cannot spread viruses or damage your device.


When you visit our website, you are requested to accept our use of cookies. By giving permission you help us to optimize the usage of our website.

Cookies on our websites

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. These cookies cannot be disabled. To have a correct performance of the website, the cookies "iffc_session" (functional cookie) and "XSFR-TOKEN" (security cookie) are necessary. These cookies have a validity of two hours; after that they are automatically deleted.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information about how visitors use our websites. With this information we can improve our website.
We make use of Google Analytics for analytical purposes. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather information about your visit to our website. More information about these cookies and their validity can be found here.

If you want to know more about the privacy policy of Google Analytics, click here. When implementing Google Analytics we have taken the following privacy-promoting measures:

•    We have agreed to a processor agreement with Google stating that only Google is allowed to process personal data from our website visitor;
•    Google Analytics is not allowed to fully process your IP address;
•    Google is not allowed to use collected personal data of website visitors for its own purposes;
•    Google is not allowed to use collected personal data of website visitors for advertising purposes.

Video cookies

We make use of Vimeo to show our videos. While you are watching a video, cookies are being stored by Vimeo. Click here for the cookie policy of Vimeo.

Twitter cookies

We make use of a Twitter widget on our homepage. This widget also stores various cookies. Click here for more information about the cookie policy of Twitter.


Via the browser settings on your computer, you can delete stored cookies on your computer and determine under which conditions new cookies may be stored. Where the browser settings can be found depends on the browser you use.


Changes to our websites may result in changing this cookie statement.

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