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Marijke Wolfs

Marijke Wolfs (1976) is director of ICC Nederland, the Dutch department of the largest business association worldwide. ICC seeks to come to an international market where organizations can negotiate in an equal way, including when tackling corruption. After her studies (Business Administration, International Relations), Wolfs worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, among other things as Head of Knowledge Center for International Business, and later at various companies as an advisor. Since 2011 she is responsible for the daily management of ICC The Netherlands, which has made the combat of corruption one of its points of interest. She is the initiator of the Week of Integrity.

Why contributing to the Institute?

Fraud and corruption not only threaten the integrity of the market, but also undermine fair competition, disrupt the public confidence and undermine the rule of law. In order to find solutions, bringing together people from different perspectives (cross border) is essential: to improve the cooperation, to come up with innovative ideas and to increase the effectiveness. This applies to both prevention and enforcement. I would very much like to contribute to that.