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Guus Wesselink

Guus Wesselink (Helmond, 1948) has continually focused on the renewal of and combat against crime within his career at the police and the insurance companies. It all started with establishing the Fraud Unit at the Dutch Criminal Intelligence Service (CRI) in the beginning of the 80s. Coming from the management positions at the former Criminal Investigation School and the Study center Warnsveld a business approach was applied in the criminal investigation process. After the switch to the insurance industry the foundations such as VAR, AVc and Meld Misdaad Anomiem were established together with the chairmanship of Consultation Insurance Fraud within the insurance industry. The approach explained above was always done by public-private cooperation. This created a big (international) multidisciplinary network. Since 2013 Guus is retired and active within his network. 

Why contributing to the Institute?

Around 2010 I, together with Delta Lloyd, initiated an informal strategic consultation with the public prosecution, police and a large bank. The goal was to search for possibilities to renew the intensity of the cooperation in the combat against fraud. That promising start-up deserves an explicit sequel. The combat against fraud asks for maximum cooperation between the business industry, government, science and last but not least politics. The IFFC has picked up this challenge. This is the reason I want to use my experience as input.