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Gerald Santing

Gerald Santing started his career at the ABN AMRO in 1975 and switched to the life insurance company Olma in 1990 where he became member of the Executive Board of a nationally operating intermediary (now Meeús). In 2000 he became managing partner financial advisory services at Deloitte. After 30 years on the commercial side of the financial sector he moved to a supervision position at the Authority Financial Markets (AFM). After that he worked as a manager of the financial supervisor in Dubai (DFSA) from 2009 to 2013. At this moment he is, among other things, active as chairman of the board of the Foundation of Pension funds Xerox. 

Why contributing to the Institute?

It seems that the financial sector cannot exist without any supervision. Fraud and corruption have a negative impact on the trust within this sector. Considering the important role the sector plays for other sectors, there is a negative impact on the economy in general. Due to the fast changing sector it is necessary to implement a permanent development of internal and external control. The IFFC can play an important role in the development and improvement of the control.